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About Gazpromenergo
  • Gazpromenergo is one of the 100% subsidiary companies of the Russian joint-stock company Gazprom.
  • Gazpromenergo was founded in July 2003 to respond to new legislation and to meet corporate responsibilities of Gazprom's subsidiary companies in the future.
  • Gazpromenergo works closely with all companies of Gazprom, which operates 'upstream' in the production of gas reserves.
  • Gazpromenergo operates 'downstream' to process and transport of power, develop power plants, power stations and market electricity to industrial customers in Russia and aboard including governments and commercial businesses and residential customers.
  • Gazpromenergo shares a strong commitment to sustainable development. This approach allows long-term projects to operate harmoniously in local communities with the support of federal and regional governments of Russia.
  • Gazpromenergo has a consistent aim - to help industrial customers while planning of strategical tasks for the future. The scale of support can range from the provision of innovation technologies , through to assistance with the implementation of management practices and long-term strategic support in areas such as CO2 reduction management and JI projecsts.
  • Gazpromenergo provides business and operational consultancy, technical services and research and development expertise tothe energy industries of Russia and a diverse range of customers in areas such as exploration and production, refining, gas and electricity and a wider network of processing industries including chemicals, metals, power and mining.

International cooperation

Russia has a huge potential for developing hydro, wind, bio, solar and other form of energy. These projects offer competitive solutions to meeting energy needs and are important alternatives to the combustion of fossil fuels, the major source of greenhouse gas emissions leading to global warming.

Countries in Europe are, on the other hand, among the most advanced nations in investing and developing the use of environmentally energy saving industry and equipment.

With support by Gazprom's subsidiary companies "Gazpromenergo LLC" and "PeterGaz BV" in 2005 is established the International Business Platform for Cooperation of Energy, Oil & Gas Activities and Suppliers. It must be one of the first business vehicles dedicated to developing in existing and new renewable energy projects in Russia.

The Russian government has been supporting and pushing the development of the environmentally energy saving direction of the industry development. Considerably favorable conditions and policies are made available for the investors, particularly for the foreign investors. The foreign investors will benefit from the high growth of the Russian economy and the growing demand of power market.


  • The practical task of CEOGAS is the realization of functions of management company in energy saving projects; For solving this task CEOGAS has a top-level team of experts and scientists who work very active in the Energy-saving market in Russia;
  • Introducing the European equipment and technologies in the energy projects in Russia. Also introducing Russian technologies in the world energy market.
  • Special attention CEOGAS puts to the energy projects which developed renewable resources such as wind-energy, alternate fuel, bio-ethanol etc.
  • Tenders organization of energy saving projects of regions of Russia & large industrial enterprises;
  • JI Development and implementation of GHG emissions reduction projects;
  • The development of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction market in Russia and attracting of GHG emissions investments.
  • Development and registration of the projects in Russia in accordance with international environmental standards and demands of the UNFCCC.

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